Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our New Routine

Friday marks one week Milo has been home! I have truly been enjoying every moment of it, and we are already falling into our new routine...

Mornings I get up earlier to feed and hopefully brush Milo. I make sure his fly-mask is still on and spray him down with fly-spray. 

When I get home, I let the dog out, change if needed, and head out to see the boy! I tie him up to the trailer with a bag of hay, and brush him down. Luckily today he stayed pretty dust-free. 

While he eats his "appetizer", I clean his paddock (which is what I will call it until it actually becomes an arena). I pick up his waste and any debris (sticks and such) along the way. 

I dump the manure load, then go back for a rock collection. Where we live is basically a giant rock out in the mountains. While some parts of the county are beautiful soil and dirt, we get a lot of rocks....and since this will eventually be an arena I will be picking rocks for probably the rest of my life. 

I fill up a wheelbarrow load full of rocks...or at least until my back or the wheelbarrow cant take any more. 

All the while I have been watering the paddock via sprinkler. Milo has already established his routine "hang outs" so I concentrate on those areas to help keep the dust down for him.

After the first chores are done, I prepare his dinner in the paddock, and feed him his grain. 

Then return the baby to his paddock. After he is nice about waiting for his food and staying out of my space, I let him have dinner. 

But today he turned away from his food after I "released" him, and walked straight towards the sprinkler. He let it spray him a few times, then trotted around briefly before starting in on dinner. I guess it's his equivalent to our "dip in the pool, then lay out and tan". Silly Milo! This was the first time I ever saw him do that!

Things are good. :)

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SheMovedtoTexas said...

Oh that's so cute with him in the sprinkler!