Saturday, June 1, 2013

Milo Finds a New Toy!

This accidental toy came about the other evening when I had a friend and her dog come visit Milo and the ever-popular Spanky. 

There is this deflated basketball that wanders around the property, particularly when my dog comes over is when I see it again (and she is the one who deflated it), but never before had I thought "Wow that would be a great toy for Milo", who has lost interest a long time ago in the totally not fun red buoy.

So guest dog, Broco, found the ball and came running into the barn to show everyone, with Milo standing in the cross ties. Broco dropped the ball and Milo tried to reach for it, but the cross ties stopped him. So I unclipped him and let him go for the ball. There was a moment when Milo had one end and Broco had the other and they -no joke- played tug-o-war for a brief moment, both looking right into the other's eyes and sizing them up. It was sooooo adorable, but the camera wasnt out for that and no matter how we tried we could not recreate the most adorable event.

But I did get new video of Milo playing....

I tossed the ball into his stall after I put him away and it has since moved to various location in his paddock...