Monday, June 17, 2013


I've been absent from posting lately...I've actually made a few posts but got sidetracked and forgot to finish and post them. There are a few things going on here, some LARGE and some just happenings.

Well, with planning our wedding in August, work full time + (started back on some 10 hour shifts, which I am VERY grateful for), I have school as contingent with my employment - I am in my third AND fourth quarters now (two at the same time!) and have been Drafting, which is ... time consuming. On top of that I am still promoting my jewelry business so a lot of Saturdays have gotten eaten up between wedding planning and vendoring. But I cant hardly complain! This last Saturday I vendored at a local Cowboy Mounted Shooting Event. Although it was held local it certainly wasnt! We had attendance from Montana, Idaho, and Oregon! There were some NIIIICE shooters there, and beautiful horses too.

For anyone who has read for a while (and I mean a while), you might remember that four years ago Milo and I attended a mounted shooting clinic held by the Kitsap Mounted Posse. I had a blast and Milo did really well, but the cards just didnt play for us at the time to try and delve into the sport. However, every time since then that I hear anything about the sport around here, my ears prick up and I wish I had the practice with Milo to go and have some fun!

So I cant help but consider trying to get into the CMSA world....I think it could be pretty fun for both Milo and I and a nice change of pace. I wonder though WTF I am doing thinking about "changing sports" after so much time now put into our reining/reined cow horse goals. But frankly, finding events/shows around here that even offer REINING (without the cows) if few and far between. And they just keep getting pushed farther and farther away. Not that there are a lot of local CMSA events around here either but even once a year would be fun and the occassional hour or so drive to another one....

And so my mind moves back and forth. But I was relieved this weekend to hear of a competitor who they announced competed in both mounted shooting and reined cow horse - there is hope!

But also, this leads into another path I want to get into ... with the Mounted Posse. I've been considering it since I attended their shooters clinic four years ago, but at the time I was too young (even though they have since dropped their age restrictions - go figure!). Now I am plenty old enough and I think I want to attend their next meeting to learn more about it. Besides their club's involvement with mounted shooting events, they attend local rodeos, the Ellensburg rodeo, parades, rodeo security, etc. I kind of think I'd like to get into another "group" that might have less requirements/restrictions then the last one I was in. It doesnt hurt to attend a meeting at least and learn more.

Sheesh, I'm rambling now. There are two more things I wanted to bring up:


Yes, I know "Boy who Cried Wolf" - how many times have we talked about this...? But it is coming to fruition! (FINALLY). I bought all the posts and hot rope I need to fence off the arena area to temporarily move Milo into. And we have nearly half of the supplies needed for the barn/shop, as well as the needed permits and such. In fact, Fiancee and I have slated the second weekend in July to bring Milo home. Now, if its a week or so more, I did make arrangements with the BO to keep Milo there until he could come home, if needed, but the plan IS second weekend of July. OMGSH! Im SOOOOO excited! Its exciting to see some of this FINALLY coming into action! I will have more posts as we progress in that work, I promise!

Finally, and I'm only going to touch lightly, but we think Milo may have ulcers :( I am working with fellow barnmates on getting the vet out for a shared barn call to get Milo scoped and evaluated, then we can go from there. In the meantime, he has been on Miracle Clay from Dynamite to keep his tummy happy until we know just what road to go down next.

Until I have time to sit down and more info....I'm still reading yours!

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Story said...

I am so excited to hear that you are going to get Milo home soon. The dream!!!

You know, when a horse is broke for reining, they can do anything! We have the best whoa, the best turns, speed control...the whole package! So if you don't compete in reining? You'll still have a super well training horse in whatever other discipline! I was schooling WP the other day and still fencing (in slow motion) and doing rollbacks, backing up and then doing flying changes as we changed directions. A reining background makes life so much easier!

Lucky you can get a scope for Milo. No scopes long enough within several hundred miles of here so we can just trial and error to deduce the problem. I will say, though, I've tried antacids, I've tried generic omeprazole, and I've tried Gastrogard/Ulcergard. So far nothing has had the effect of the expensive stuff but then I think Dee has been a long time sufferer.

I hope you can get Milo feeling better soon because it's amazing how much seems to be effected by those darn ulcers. He'll be a happy horse and you'll know it!