Friday, May 10, 2013

Consignment Snag

I absolutely love our local tack consignment shop. I always find great deals, and have made friends with the shop owner, who briefly kept one of her horses stalled next to Milo for the winter. I stopped in to pick up some supplements for Milo (its really nice to have someone close by who keeps Milo's vitamins stocked on the shelf! Good bye shipping cost and delay!), and I just couldnt leave without poking around the shop quickly to see if there was anything I couldnt walk away with. 

There was a beautiful headstall set with conchos and cowhide I LOVED, but it came with crummy reins and because of the "package" the price was reflective....I may contact the shop owner to ask the seller if I might make a deal for just the headstall...

But anyways, I was in the market for a fly sheet as the one I once had I sold due to poor fit, and had just been cruising Schneiders for their sheets. I happened upon this gem tucked away behind the bulky coolers and blankets. Its a Schneiders fly sheet! In Milo's size! In decent condition! For $25! There was no way I was leaving without it. The only thing bad about the sheet is the right side's bottom edging is missing, but the mesh is still strong and looks like it wont fray, so thats mostly just cosmetic. Excellent steal! And it fits Milo, as I knew it would, sstack blankets are the only ones that do fit each and every time. 

All geared up for the bugs starting to bother us! 


Story said...

Nice find! I always love Schneider's blankets. In fact, that looks like the fly sheet I got from my sister! Very nice.

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Great price! It looks like it fits him perfectly too.