Sunday, December 30, 2012

Highlights from 2012

I really didnt post much this last fact, this final post makes 101! Wow! Coming from someone who used to post near daily, thats quite a leap. But life tends to change things...

The big change in January was that Milo and I moved from our boarding facility forty minutes away, to a smaller, quieter (and cheaper) one 8 miles from home. Some days I still miss the old facility, but the drama has certainly gone down. We put hind shoes on Milo and attended a horse show that was really embarrassing, and Milo got his camo sleezy.
I STILL think its adorable. :)
Ah, February. We attended a horseshow with Sarah that did not offer reining, but in the process my truck left me stranded. I started really noticing and becoming frustrated with the imbalances in my body - it was also hard work to get used to the smaller arena, making all of our issues I could easily overlook front and center. I also went to Texas for the first time and visited my Dad as well as went to the NRCHA World Show which was really fun.
My favorite pair at the show. Looked the happiest and most natural
Milo turned eight years old and I was reminiscent of the journey we had taken so far. I had some really good rides on him (we were finally figuring out how to stay balanced in the arena), and I started learning the value of trail rides. Angie killed a barn swallow and I started my own crafting business, The Crafting Cowgirl!

Happy Birthday!
Sarah made her first trip to my barn for a lesson. I was getting frustrated in the arena and retreated more and more to the trail as the weather warmed a little, again learning its benefits. We got more work done at the property at home and I was dreaming of the day when Milo would finally arrive (still am).

Looking pretty clear of trees!

I started riding the fiery red mare, Cayenne, and got to put the first few rides on her. I also rode a few other people's horses for tune ups. Pain in my back was really starting to take a grip on me and I knew pretty soon I would have to do something about it (still a problem actually...). I took Milo to an impromptu local horse show to try the Western Pattern class and practice our lead changes in another arena.

I cant skip a picture of Miss Pretty Cayenne!
I had some epiphany moments for my lead changes were starting to become solid. I went to my first Quarter Horse show, although it was a Rookie one. We had an awful run in our class but I learned that I really needed to stay in the moment and ride the horse I know I have, not the one I want. I spent a lot of quality time with Milo this month and took tons of photos.

Angie and Milo
Horse show season was in full swing and I went to some Zone shows in Port Angeles and FINALLY broke the 70! I was ecstatic. I beat myself up over my own body issues again, had one of Sarah's students come ride with me, which helped, and attended another two-day show in Port Angeles where Milo won two overall neck ribbons in Novice Reining and Stock Horse Halter.

My little red Ford hauled one of it's last half-ton hay loads (though at the time I didnt know that). I had fun at the County Fair helping the mini horses (and Spanky!), spent more time on the trail (even took you guys along for the ride), got the professional photos from the July horse shows, and attended the last one for the season in Port Angeles, which didnt go as planned because I forgot the pattern in EVERY class

I had only four posts in September: one on our spins and the online video I found which changed my mindset on how I approached it and has seemed to help. I posted on another way to work on circles, my hatred for run in patterns, and a bad ride I had on Wesley. No photos from this month.
Apparently I never posted about the WA State Finals Show?? Well, Milo and I went, got nearly last in all three of our classes, and I felt pretty stupid after going. In reality, we were just up against some really good riders and our mid to upper range 60 scores just werent a match. I had fun though as this was a show I was wanting to go to for years.

Let's see, I took some more photos of the Baby, he got that awful cut on his face, needed to be doctored and kept on stall rest, got his winter clip, and I ended my job at Costco and went to Texas for a week to see my Dad before starting my new job.

My friend Caitlyn giving him a clip. 
Two whole posts! You can see my new job really has had me busy...I had a really good few rides on Milo when I came home from Texas and really enjoyed spending time with him. I also started using the slow-feed hay net for his evening feedings, which I still like. I started my new job at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

I realized the importance of making time for Milo, even in my busy work schedule. I have found a way to be happy with the fewer rides, which doesnt necessarily mean less time spent with Milo (as chores still need to be done), but have found that the time we do get together is really rewarding and I am constantly reminded how much my horse really enjoys spending time with me too. I posted some Christmas photos of the Baby, and some from our ride in the snow and my new buckle.

2012 was good, for the most part.


4RRanch said...

Beautiful Paint. Sounds like an good year spent with lots of horse activities.

AmberRose- Girl With a Dream said...

sounds like a busy year with plenty of ups and downs but most importantly having fun too! Enjoy next year happy new year

Story said...

I love these posts! You and Milo had quite the year. Great pictures.