Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas was Good to Me!

I honestly have had stuff to post, I just havent had the time. Then it feels like the moment is gone and its too late to share that "update". For instance, when I have a little bit of down time at work, I have jotted down a few "from the past" stories in my little notebook that I have wished to share, plus a Milo update, but now thats been nearly three weeks since I wrote those and they arent really updates anymore....

But Milo and I are both doing well. Taking it easy this winter with once or twice weekly rides. I didnt get his second clip scheduled in time and so his original clip is starting to grow out, but with the way this winter has worked into fewer rides it seems to be for the better anyways. He has been happy and the funny thing is, although I havent ridden as much, when I do get on and go in the arena we have nearly perfect rides. I remember again how much this horse loves to work.

So we had a white Christmas up here in Washington this year (the snow has actually stuck around at my house for about two and a half weeks now), and I had the incredible fortune to get a trail ride in on a beautiful snowy day. My facebook friends saw these photos when they were taken about a week ago, but now you all can too. Just some of my favorites from the day...

He's turned into a bit of a chunk!
Beautiful snow on one of my favorite stretches of trail
Love this view. :)
Been considering making this one my new header. 
Oh and check out those gloves boyfriend bought me. It was when I was at the Mario clinic and he left for lunch then came back with goodies from the farm store! :) I have REAL riding gloves!
He had a few good rolls when we got back :)

So handsome

being a goober :) But I loves him
So, to continue with the title's post, Boyfriend got me this really neat gift. For any APHA members, you might have seen the limited edition buckle and clothing items in celebration of their 50 year anniversary. Buckles were limited to 500 pieces and I had my eye on one of those since their announcement. Well, Boyfriend listened to my pleas and got me one for Christmas! It's so beautiful, and I've literally always wanted an APHA buckle but the ones I had seen available (before this one) just didnt appeal to me. But now I have my buckle, and its limited (stamped 464), and its an anniversary edition. Very cool!

So, what kind of awesome stuff did ya'll get??


Mare(+Missy) said...

LOVE that ear picture! And the buckle is gorgeous!:)

Story said...

Milo looks terrific and that belt buckle is amazing!

Christmas treated us well too. I got an always appreciated gift certificate for Schneider's. The only problem is figuring out which of the million things that I want to spend it on! lol

I know what you mean about wanting to blog about things but when too many days pass it seems like the moment is gone. Lots horsey going on still here but too many other things, too. Hopefully now that Christmas is over things will get back to normal!

AmberRose- Girl With a Dream said...

Love the picture your thinking about making your new header!