Thursday, October 18, 2012

On The Up and Up

While I was gone on our hunting trip, my friend who was taking care of Milo for me, phoned to say that Milo was doing much better. The cut on his face was healing nicely and starting to scab over, and the swelling in his leg was entirely gone! I was pessimistic, however, even when she assured me that another boarder also thought it was gone. I still kept Milo on stall prison for the leg and cut at least until I was home to see it myself.

We got back late Tuesday evening but the Boyfriend had promised we could stop out at Milo before going home. I was so excited to see him, rushing to his stall. I rubbed his face a moment then promptly checked his fetlock. No swelling! A little stocking up in both of them from being in the stall, but the swelling was gone! I was so excited.

The next morning I arrived early before work and thoroughly cleaned his stall, then wrapped all four legs before taking him to the arena. (I should add that I really like a stall-kept clean! No muddy feet!) I walked him on the longeline for five minutes. He was really wily and kept turning his head to me and sizing me up, "Should I do it?" his glace asked. I growled my answer to him. But occasionally he would toss his head around and leap forward. I was nervous of him injuring his leg when he started leaping into the air. Our five minute walk was done and I wasnt going to let him trot on the longe, so I walk trotted him around the arena, five minutes both ways. He tried to nip at the line a few times, but my verbal disagreement would make him stop.

After ten minutes (five both ways) at the trot we had both had our exercise! Another five minute walk on the longe and I returned him to his stall. I unwrapped his legs and felt no heat and swelling. Yay!

But I wanted to check on him after eight hours had passed, so after work, and in the dark, I headed to the barn again, even with my tummy rumbling. Milo was quietly waiting for me in his stall (clean! I cant get enough of that). I led him out into the cross ties, then wrapped all four again, then cleaned out his cut. Leading him to the arena, he had a little pep in his step, asking to trot a few times. Poor guy sure is eager to get out of his stall no matter how much Mom enjoys it.

Five minutes at the walk and he was placidly eating maple leaves off the arena floor as he walked past them. I decided I would try the trot on the longe. He was decent, an occasional head toss, mischievous eye, but after five minutes at the trot the real fun would begin at the canter. I wondered if I could even keep him cantering for five minutes on the longe. If you remember, I practically have to beg him to canter for an entire circle. But I tried it since I cant canter him in hand, and he was a little pistol (to put it nicely). No real tearing around, but a whole lotta attitude. I was nervous of his antics but my firm verbal reprimands only made him want to trot. After I finally did get five at the canter, another five were needed at the trot (he not had his head to the ground and was puffing), then finally five at the walk.

I checked his legs after taking the wraps off. Still tight! Even with five minutes added canter. Maybe he was just fine. I figure that this morning I will ride the same twenty five minute interval and see how he does.

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