Friday, October 26, 2012

It's that Time of Year Again

Yep its officially time to clip off Milo's winter fuzz, round one. This is a little late for our usual first clip, but we had a very odd early fall here and when he would have normally been clipped, or at least wearing his first blanket, the temperatures were still reaching 75 during the day. And then we have had all these fiascos with keeping him in his stall, so I figured I would wait until I could let him out again before blanketing or clipping. He had grown such a nice, fluffy (and clean!) coat while in the comfort of the stall, but after bringing him back into work now, that same furry coat was now becoming a nuisance with cool-out time. So I scheduled with my friend for round one of his two seasonal clips.

But first, I let him out into the arena to enjoy his cuteness of the furry coat, and he really enjoyed the maple leaves (is that OK for them?!)

Awww so cute red furry Milo! I will miss the ease of grooming while you were in stall prison
Last hoorah for the fuzzy red coat
Caitlyn almost finished with the first clip job. Milo was a very good boy! He now sports his "red dun" look for the winter.
With the clip finished and his blanket protecting him he was now allowed back into his paddock after three long weeks of stall prison. He trotted a few steps and dropped to the ground for a good roll.

Aww Milo thanks Caitlyn for the nice clip job, and Colt enjoys the horse breath (we are starting him young!)

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Rising Rainbow said...

If I remember correctly eating the leaves from green maple trees are not a problem for horses but the red maples are bad for them. Mostly it seems to be the trees that normally have leaves another color than green that are a problem but there are a couple of exceptions. We do have a green, deciduous tree that grows on this side of the mountains that is lethal to horses but my mind is blank on the name at the moment.