Friday, August 24, 2012

Day at the County Fair

Its been four years since I aged out of 4H and competing at the County Fair. What changes have happened in my life since then. I miss the days of fair, but at the same time, I enjoy where my life is headed now as well. Milo and I are so much farther along then we were back then.

Obviously, its the week of the Kitsap County Fair and Stampede. Which brings up a lot of memories. Bet you havent seen this photo before...

The year I tried out for the Fair and Stampede Queen. Got runner up! Boy were my dreams different back then...
Haha, the borrowed hunter green leather dress. And Boyfriend. He's not borrowed though :)
Anyway, I was going to show you some photos of Milo and I at the fair, not like you havent seen some before, but I got a little sidetracked. Here's a couple of our last year:

What a little baby!

Anyway, I've proven my nostalgia now over the fair. *Wipes tear* but back to the point of this post.

Yesterday was my only day off during the week of fair, and my BO asked if I could help volunteer with the mini horses. He has been working fervently all year long to get the mini horses back to the fair along with their own class lists. And guess who he brought? Thats right, our favorite white mini stud, Spanky! :)

So I volunteered my day to help with "barn duty", but to really play with the 28(!) minis brought to the fair. Although, truth be told, I spent most of my time with Spanky, of course.

I cleaned mini poop, brushed mini horses, (not with mini brushes though), filled mini water buckets (haha, I'm getting carried away with myself now). But did talk to people about mini's, help show of Spanky, and almost took credit of his ownership when I was asked out long I's owned him. Don't worry, I stayed honest!

We later took Spanky out to the mini arena (hehe) and I lunged him for the crowd and he did his thang. Then we took him out for the jumps and my BO put him over a few. I was eager to see because he described his jumping as "leapfrog" because Spanky doesnt run up to the jump, he just leaps over it at a standstill (for the crowd's pleasure, I'm sure haha). Anyway, heres a few of Spanky's moves:

Aww, the little stud. :)
I might not have been a 4H exhibitor, but it sure was a blast to help with the mini's and to see Spanky out pleasing a crowd. The mini classes are held on Saturday and Sunday, but I'll be working and wont be able to watch (stupid work...). At any rate it was fun to see Spanky out even it was only for practice. I would invite you all to go visit him but seeing as most are out of state... :)


SillyPony said...

I remember my fair days fondly too! Glad you were able to re-visit that fun!

Story said...

I love the fair!!! I always enjoyed showing at all of the little county fairs as a kid. So much fun! And then there is the "dirty food" as my BO calls it. I think I got an elephant ear, a corn dog, a deep fried cheese cake, and deep fried cheese curds this year. Thank goodness it's only once a year!

Love the Stampede Queen pictures. My friend was Miss Rodeo Montana and tried for Miss Rodeo America. I can't believe the outfits they wear (those leather dresses really are something else). She had a great time with it all.

Love Spanky! I'd totally claim ownership of that little guy lol!