Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Come for a Trail Ride with Us?

I thought I would show you one of our favorite loops on the trail. Its a nicer, short one with a few good spots to trot and lope. This route takes about 45 minutes, which in a hot day, is just perfect.

We met up with one of the goaties along the way. Never before has one followed us down the trail! Too cute. And when we make it to the ditch, I was proud of Milo for going into it from the "steep side", something I hadnt asked him to do just yet.

You'll see I tend to go into the more difficult trail areas - more overgrown, more things to walk over. I just like to keep it a little off "the beaten path" :) Come ride with me!


Story said...

What a totally cool video! And what a great area to ride! Loved the goatie! I wish I could stop being so afraid of leaving the security of my riding ring. There's some awesome country out there!

paint_horse_milo said...

Why are you afraid, Story? I thought you made fun of Dee's Boogieman..? :P