Friday, August 31, 2012

Chores and Memories

Yesterday I had a few things I wanted to check off my list. First was getting a half ton of beautiful Eastern Washington Grass hay from Sarah, followed by a lesson with her on Wesley. Since I was on that end of the county, and am not often nowadays, I met up with my god old friend and her new son Warren. She wanted to show me the foal she plans to get from LF. You long readers must remember the story of how I got into horses, The Arabians, the Quarter Horses, and the Journey. So I went with her to see the little foal, whom she calls Buck now, and he sure looks a lot like her old horse, Fawn.

Buck shares the same stud that Fawn did, making them not only visually similar but half-siblings. He sure is a cutie. And his dad, Joey still looked the same, although some years older now. It was rather strange to be back on LF's property and seeing a few of the same horses again after some years. Many things remained the same however, and lucky for me she was out of town so I didnt need to further stir up any memories.

Buck sleeping, and the grey is is Mom
I saw Maggie too, one of the horses LF has had for some time. She still bore the scars of an old injury I remembered her getting. Maggie looked so much the same, just older, of course, and with a swayback. It was nice to see the sweet mare again.

After we visited with Buck and the other horses, we had plans to visit J and his wife! I had periodically seen them when at work, and I knew I needed to get out to their farm before they went back to California for the winter. I was really excited to get out to their farm, see which horses were there rather then their other home in Cali, and to of course, catch up.

The farm looked much the same as five years ago when Milo and I moved.

The farm coming up the driveway
There, the black one, is Amadaan, and towards the back is the covered arena, behind that their seven stalls. It really as nice to see the horses again, five of them travel from California to Washington every year. Rocky, Vilya, Amadaan, Taffy, and Mackie were all there. Mackie I had never actually met and J told me about how they bred him, sold him later, found out he was half starved to death, and bought him back a few years ago. He is awful cute and sweet.

Time was running out, however, and I still had a half ton of hay in my truck and a hungry Milo at home. We said good-bye to J and his wife, and I headed out to Milo.

The old red Ford can still get the job done!! Although it would be a lie to say it wasnt working hard...

Before unloading, the hay stall needed some cleaning up...

I piled all the loose hay and loose bedding on the ground into a huge heap. Then rearranged my remaining ten or so bales so we can finish that up first. By the end of it all I myself probably moved about a full ton. But look how nice and organized it all is now!

It sure seemed a shame to toss out all that loose hay, but it really had gotten dusty and dirty from the bedding too. And it was rather old now anyways (there was still hay on the floor from the BO's old hay in there).

And now, this morning, I sit icing my back. :P


Story said...

You moved all that hay yourself?! I just haul my saddle across the yard and find myself cursing. There is no better fitness program than self care board lol.

paint_horse_milo said...

Oh yes, every time I need hay I cowgirl up and do it. Unless boyfriend is available, but even then I still do half the work. It is, after all, my chore, not his. :P

~Allison said...

I'm new to your blog, but I feel your pain. I helped my barn owner throw 200 bales. . .not fun!

in2paints said...

Those bales of hay look beautiful! They also look like they weigh a ton piece!

Cute pictures of the colt... I love his color!