Monday, January 24, 2011

The Arabians, the Quarter Horses, and the Journey Part 1

Ive been thinking about depicting all of this for a while now. I suppose a part of me needs to get the entire story out, and to put my readers on page with how I am who I am and where I am at as a horsewoman. This story will probably end up being long, emotional, and possibly boring for the reader, but here we go nonetheless.

As a kid, I was always horse crazy. Barbie horses, stuffed horse, but I didnt have the luxury of the Breyer horses, they were far too expensive. Instead I played with the cheaper horses and drew doodles of them in school.

My first memory of a real live horse was of my aunt's in Utah. She had two horses and on a family reunion trip I got to sit on one. Years later I found out my real first pony ride was when I was about three and I got to partake in those carousel pony rides common at the fair. But back to my Aunt's horses. I remember she had a red dun and a liver chestnut, but at the time, I knew her color as brown. This was the mare I was going to be able to ride. She extended her long neck down and sniffed my hand. I admit, I was scared of such a big creature, but somehow I was still intrigued and wanted to stay around her. My cousin hopped up on her and was going to let me sit in front on the saddle. My Mother sensing my anxiety, said I didnt have to ride if I was scared. But being stubborn at a young age and knowing I wanted to ride, I just had to overcome the fear, I was lifted aboard.
Nerves quickly drained out of me as I felt the mare's footfalls. She was a powerhouse and I was sitting astride a mountain top. I still remember my fasination of her stride, and the hard, sticky Western saddle in the Utah heat. Quickly, the ride was over and we left to whatever the next activity was on schedule for the reunion. I had the bug. And I was not going to let my parents forget it.

Where we lived, we drove past a large Hunter Jumper facility everyday. And everyday I would wait for that exact moment when the bus drove past and the trees cleared from the road where there was about a one second window I got a glimpse of the barn, and possibly, a horse. And every time we drove by when my Mother was driving I would remind and insist upon her how much I wanted to ride. I was always told the same thing: "Horses are too expensive" but I knew I would find a way to make my one desire a reality.

Still I drew horses, played with my stuffed ones, and insisted and pleaded for another ride. Finally, my Mother headed my pleas and scheduled me for a surprise lesson at the Hunter facility I stared at during every car ride. It was my eighth birthday, and though it is July 29th, the clouds were out and it was an overcast day. Unusual for even Washington weather. I remember driving by the facility with my Mother early on my birthday and giving her the never ending question and plea for a lesson. But we drove right on by and headed home. I thought it was so unfair. Here it was, my birthday, and Mom wouldnt even head my wish then. A few hours later, Mom told me to put some shoes on, we were going someplace. Confused, I did as instructed and we loaded up into the car along with my twin sister.

As we neared the facility, I prepared myself to wait for that small window through the trees to see the barn. But the car was slowing down. And Mom turned the car into their driveway. I dont remember what exactly I said, or Im sure, screamed in joy, but I do remember the wonder I had as we parked the car and I opened the door.

Part 2


Story said...

Oh, how awesome! I'm anxious to hear more.

Rising Rainbow said...

We're not going to get bored. Don't even think about it. LOL

Molly said...

You're a twin?! Cool!

Never knew that after reading for so long.

paint_horse_milo said...

I never really had a reason to say so. :) Fraternal twins, we look nothing alike, lol.