Thursday, June 21, 2012

Schooling Video

Just a little video on some of our schooling work. Im still trying to find the best angle for the camera in the arena, but no matter what I do something is cut off!

I was mostly working on bringing Milo's shoulders up, and we did some shaping work. 0:42 is a good example visually when he brings his shoulders up, as well as 1:05 - you can notice he can only hold it for a moment or two before flattening out, but strength will come with time. There are times after watching this, that I realized I should have stopped and backed to reinforce lifting his shoulders, I tended to just pick at him like Sarah as warned me not to do. But thats the benefit of the video, I suppose. 

1:30 was some shaping work, watch the back legs so see his hip reach, really helps for the lead changes. I love to watch his trot - its so much stronger then it used to be! At 1:55, we are working on counter shape, in case you didnt know what was going on, :P 

There are some really nice moments in the lope where you can tell that not only the shaping work, but shoulder lifting are really benefiting: the lope departure at 3:45, 4:00, and some more. :) 


Carly said...

He looks pretty good. Your posture is awesome, and he's got a pretty nice head set on him! Your right, all it is going to take is just building his strength up. :)

Story said...

I love how he's looking. His good is just getting better and better. Reining really suits him. As he gets more consistent I think he's really going to kick butt!