Friday, June 22, 2012

After the Ride...

After I finished with Milo, I walked him on the ground and suddenly he tensed up. What are you looking at, Milo?

A terrifying...deer?

I think she's awful cute. 

Unfortunately, she emerged where Milo ALWAYS eyeballs. Now he can justify it, darned it!

We watched as she came closer

"Don't worry guys - just checkin' my mail"

and headed to the upper barn. 

Then another came out, and headed up to join her friend. 

Almost makes me feel bad that Boyfriend shoots these guys. 

Once they left, Milo lost his curiosity, and was ready to head back to the barn. 

I untacked Milo and put him in the grass paddock while I did chores...err took photos. 


Girl With a Dream said...

loveeeethe pictures! they are amazing, the deer was so cute, typically that they had to appear in the spot that he always checks out! xx

Carly said...

deer eat horses you know. along with trash bags, moss covered stumps, and empty pizza boxes.

in2paints said...

Is there a scary area in everyone's arena? I think it's mandatory! Pretty pictures!