Friday, May 11, 2012

Seven Wells Barn Tour

I know its been a couple of months since Milo and I moved to the "new" facility. I was hoping to give you all a video tour sooner, but was waiting for some nicer weather. We have finally been getting our spring here in Western Washington, and it was a good day to represent the barn. Watching the video now, I still find hearing myself talk so strange...

I missed a couple things in the video: the lower barn also has a wash rack (right outside the barn by the trailer parking), and one of the empty stalls (the one next to Milo that you can see hay in) is my hay storage, obviously, haha.

I thought you guys might enjoy seeing my failed attempt at videoing the barn. This was my first attempt, then I figured I should narrate and start at the upper barn. But I like this video because Milo is so cute and there is more of him in it.


Story said...

Omg, I must have Spanky! Way too freakin cute!!!

I agree, the tour with narration is much better, but Milo in the bottom video was adorable! So nosey! Dee would never do that. She prefers to pretend that she didn't notice you while she grabs a couple more mouthfulls of food. Oh, and the red suits you!

Looks like a great barn, I'd board there.

in2paints said...

The video was great and the narration one was definitely my favorite. Isn't it strange that we find hearing ourselves talk weird, even though we hear ourselves all the time?

Your barn looks lovely, and so does your new hair color!