Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Miracle on the Trail

I wasnt expecting anything remarkably special to happen as I set out on the trail Tuesday afternoon with my friend riding Middy. Until we snaked our way around the blue trail gate onto a new trail we hadnt yet explored. A single car wide rode, it was nicely groomed with minimal foliage overhang and wide enough for us to potentially ride side by side.

I shot my friend a mischievous look over my shoulder, which only meant one thing: eat my dust! My leg set back on Milo's side and my hips cued him to take off at a standstill. Dust creation was minimal, surprisingly, and happily, as my horse loped down the trail in a calm and balanced manner. I was so surprised and pleased with the quality of the lope as we cascaded down the trail. His ears are pricked forward in eager anticipation, but nervousness or tightness were absent. The trail began to bend to the right, and we were on the left lead. A few strides before the bend, and I cued for a lead change. I half expected it wouldnt happen - the other day was a fluke right? And being on the trail meant that we couldnt possibly get a nice change...?

My horse surprised me with an effortless lead change; all I had to do was change the direction of my legs and hips into the new arc and he changed with no fuss. I loped him for a couple more strides then slowed to the walk, but friend coming up behind us. I turned around in my saddle to see her and exclaimed, "Did you see that?! Did you see?!" A goofy broad smile was across my face and I patted and loved on my horse. She hadnt seen the miracle that happened, and mentioned she only noticed that he did something. But I knew what we did. And on the way back down the trail, we did it the other direction as well.


SillyPony said...

What a great day!!!!

Anonymous said...

What fun!!

in2paints said...

Sounds like he has the idea now! Very impressive, Mr Milo!!