Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow in Washington

This has been a very horse-less week, unfortunately. We had a snow storm here in Western Washington, with an accumulation at my house of roughly seven inches. You must understand that when it snows on this side of the mountains, everything stops. Are cities are always ill prepared and under equipped, leaving many, many unplowed streets and no sand on roads. Then when it freezes overnight (our temps were in the twenties) the roads turn to ice, making the drive the second day even worse.

As I had posted earlier this week, on Monday I simply hacked a short trail ride. Tuesday I only longed Milo, and then the snow hit. I did make it out to Milo on Friday, letting him get some needed turnout in the empty, snowy pasture. My good friend and her dog Remi (who you might remember from Milo's play time with her) came along as well, and again Milo had some fun with the excited dog. Oh right, and it was raining (thats the beauty (curse?) of snow in WA - it rains just days later and turns all of the snow to SLUSH).

Milo dug through the snow and into the mud. Crazy. 

The other pretty Paint is Milo's buddy and neighbor, Cabo. 

Oh Geez, all wet. 
As you might notice in the photos, Milo's neck cover is hanging all wonky. Somehow in the two and a half days I was gone, he managed to rip a large hole in it and take with it a D ring from the blanket. Which too has about a 2x2 ripped section on the hip. Now Milo is doubled up in a midweight and lightweight blanket while I sent the two pieces off to get repaired. Ahh Milo...


Mare said...

Oh Milo...even when you'e soaking wet, you're freaking adorable:)

SillyPony said...

Milo treats his clothes just like Junior does! I gave up on the neck cover this year. I've repaired it so many times and he finally ripped the D ring out of the blanket last spring and I think it's futile at this point. I did see Schneiders made a lot of changes to their neck covers for this year's models including velcro instead of clips on the front (which JR has broken ALL of them at least once), but they only work with this year's blankets because they now have 2 connection points on the shoulder.

You are both adorable! Thanks for the blog award!!!

Story said...

We've been so spoiled this winter with the normal weather only arriving last week.

@SillyPony - ugh, they changed the design on the neck covers? I knew I should have ordered one last year! I hate to think I need a new blanket to match a neck cover now. I already have too many blankets! lol

paint_horse_milo said...

I just bought both the neck cover and the red blanket this year...bought the neck cover first then the blanket. I called to check on my order (blanket was backordered) and asked to confirm that the neck cover would fit. I got the "old version" and the new blanket with an "it SHOULD fit" from the customer service rep. It attaches to my old blanket but not the new one, I had to do mess with it a bit to get it to stay in place. But I love this neck cover over the new ones - I had a velcro one last year and all the mud and rain made it completely useless. I do love the snaps on the neck cover.

Milo actually isnt hard on his blankets...unless he is in a stall. When hes stalled that always seems to be the time that he rips blankets. IN the two years he was on the pasture - not even a scratch. Weird.