Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sigh....more updating

Alright, I dont want to leave you all in the dark as Im sure will be happening here shortly. Last night our old laptop finally kicked the bucket and the screen is no longer working. It fell out of Boyfriend's lifted F350 and hit hard on the concrete below. It worked for one night after that but is now officially dead. That, unfortunately, means that we have no computer at home, making things difficult now in terms of blogging, my online class, and even bill paying! We really cant afford to buy a new one right now so Im not sure how often I can get on and update and stay caught up with my favorite blogs. So if you dont hear from me for a while, I havent vanished! Just lost connectability.

I suppose I will provide a short update about Milo as well, because I have been wanting to update for a while. I have still be solely riding bareback and continue without the spurs. Things are coming along nicely and I feel I really am getting back in tune with my body. I have a lesson with Sarah this coming Saturday which I greatly look forward to as it has been five weeks since my last lesson with Milo! Also on Saturday Milo is getting his hocks painted which should encourage the excess calcium and fluid build up in his hocks to seep out. I wanted to leave that as a bit of a surprise for after we did it and I could post pictures and progress and whatnot, but I have to get you guys on page with what is in the works. The hock painting should really get Milo as sound and strong as possible. Many of the other horses in Sarah's program have recently had it done and the results are clear and amazing in those horses, I can only imagine how much it will improve Milo's ability.

We were planning on putting slide plates on him this week as well, but I wasnt able to coordinate with the farrier to make it out there (darn work and school scheduled messin' up everything!), and not only did I want to be present for the shoeing, but my farrier wanted me there as well. As of this morning, Milo got his routine trimming done (without me there, which is a bummer because I always like to be there), and hopefully come his next trim we can schedule for the slide plates. Im still not sure if I am going to be able to take him to the November schooling show, but if I cant than that gives us another month or so for him to get comfortable with the slide plates on until the next show in January. This show season, for me in reining, does not offer any series or year end awards, so I am not too devestated about not being able to attend each one. I think it will also help in keeping everything in perspective for me and really treating the shows like schooling shows.

How are things with the property, you might ask? For long time readers, you should remember that Boyfriend and I have three quiet acres at our house we have been planning to clear and build for Milo to come home. Things have been at a standstill for nearly a year now as we have been waiting for Boyfriend's cousin (whose Dad owns a land clearing and excavation company) to make time to come and finish clearing the property. Last night I saw that the skidder was dropped off and next week or so one of the workers is supposed to be coming out to finish clearing the big timber. Once that is done, we can get the arena more finished, fenced, put up a lean to, and then bring Milo home. We arent setting a clear date as to when Milo can come home, but we definitely want him there by spring. Hopefully sooner but if it doesnt work out I can keep him where hes boarded and enjoy the covered arena through the winter.

I will try and update as I can, but that means using the computers at school, so pictures and video will probably be scarce. Hope I can stay connected with you all in the coming weeks (hopefully not too much longer than that!).

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