Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Award and Update

So sorry for the disappearance lately - work work work (always and at sporadic and difficult times), as well as school and trying to fit in Milo as well as all the other needs of everyday life. However, Boyfriend and I managed to sneak away for the last four days to our favorite place in the world: Twisp, WA. A po-dunk little town, we escape to this quiet getaway usually twice a year for family reunion and hunting season. We unfortunately could not make it in September for the reunion, but made it up for the all important Mule Deer season. But more on that in another post.

Since I havent had the internet for a while, I have been slowly getting caught up on my blog list readings - dont worry Ill get to yours! So in my updating, I saw from Simply Horse-Crazy that I had been nominated for another award! The "One Lovely Blog" award. Thank you! So I suppose I must follow the rules now.

First, 7 random things you might not know about me:
1. Seafood is definitely my favorite food ever. Good thing I live in the Pacific Northwest!
2. Draft horses used to be my favorite breed ever and I had an imaginary Shire horse who would run alongside my parent's car as we drove down the highway. We had a woodshed in the backyard which was where he lived, and I honest to God brought carrots and grass out to him.
3. I seem to have an ultra sensitive nose. I am also extremely bothered by bad smells. Although I guess that term is subjective because things like my horse and dog do not smell bad to me, haha.
4. I am not a natural red-head. But I feel I am a true red-head at heart and everything thinks the color is real.
5. Even though my 93 F150 has over 226k miles and it doesnt run very solid (and I know the engine and tranny needs replaced here very soon) I still LOVE my truck and want to keep it forever.
6. I wanted to be a farrier for a really long time. But people talked be out of it telling me I needed a job that had a secure and steady income. I came to believe them. But the dream is still alive. Someday I will attend farriery school.
7. My favorite number is 272. It was the number I was assigned at my first horse show with my old horse, Koalt.

Well, there you have it. Im not very good at coming up with interesting random facts, but I followed the rules so...ya.

Ok, 15 of my favorite blogs. I'm sure that some have already received the blog, but I dont follow all that many....some will be non-horse blogs too.

Pass it on!


Deanna said...

Just wanted you to know - I also gave you this award from my blog to yours!
I really appreciate your honest blog and I often learn from you as you're quite gifted in telling of your lessons on Milo.
Thanks for a great blog!

kel said...

Congrats on the award!

Story said...

No way!!! It's not naturally red?!