Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just Enough

Monday I took my pooch Angie to Sarah's with me, then to the barn as I cleaned pastures. Throughout my cleaning I kept feeling like I just wasnt up to riding after wards. Usually, I'm thinking ahead to the ride to come and eager to finish up with my chores. But yesterday was a little different. I almost felt guilty knowing I hadnt ridden Milo since my lesson on Friday, giving him two solid days off. Thats pretty typical for the weekend, but I also knew I wouldnt be out again until Wednesday; that would give Milo four days off in a row. Should I ride, just to keep on schedule?

I decided against it, knowing if my head wasnt where it should be, then I was only setting us up for a disappointing ride. Instead, I haltered my eager horse, who was now at the gate ready for action (how does he always know when Im done with everything?), and tied him in the pasture with a single brush in hand. I removed his fly mask and brushed the dust away. I looked into his face and got those butterflies enjoying how handsome and sweet he is. He and Chica stood together where he was tied and they briskly swished flies away from their sides, both a little sleepy in the heat of mid-day. I only brushed him for a few moments, then removed the halter and replaced the fly mask. Milo looked a little surprised.

My dog looked up at me, waiting for what was next. Milo looked at me, wondering why we were done so quickly. I hugged my horse, I scratched his itchies, and I cuddled with him a bit. I sighed. He sighed. And we were both happy. Just the right amount of horse time to get me through the day, and the next to follow. Even if that meant four whole days off of our schedule.

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Story said...

I always feel weird about those days that I'm just not into riding. It's like, because riding is my favorite thing, I should want to do it all the time, and we make great sacrifices so that I can do all this riding, so if today I don't really want to, that's bad! Bring on the guilty feelings! But really, I think it's healthy for the horse/owner relationship to just spend some quality time together sometimes. And hey, you ended the day on a good note! ;)