Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Three Years Today

A little off topic, but very important in my life. Today marks three years that I have happily been with Boyfriend. We have lived together for two and a half now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment that we have been together.

I told Boyfriend before we even got together that horses were a huge part of my life, and I would always see Milo before coming home. I wanted him to be very clear that these horses are not just a "hobby" for me but a tremendous part of my life, they are my passion and I take what I do with them very, very seriously. He has stood by me and my passion through thick and thin, and fully understands how truly important Milo is to me. No one else would be doing as much as he could to bring my second love home like Boyfriend has.

Best of all, he likes Milo too and although he himself is not all that interested in riding Milo, he enjoys spending time with him. Works for me!

I am truly one very lucky girl, and I look forward to a long, happy future with him. :)

My favorite boys. 


Mary said...

That's really great! It's not often that you can find a guy that's not very horsey that understand your passion. I think it is a very difficult concept for someone who doesn't have that strong passion for horses. I think you either have it or you don't. I'm pretty sure I was born with it. :-) Congratulations to you both!

Story said...

Congratulations. That's nice that you let him know about the horses...I totally blindsided my husband. Fortunately he's taking it well lol.