Monday, July 11, 2011

A Much Enjoyed Trail Ride

Funny how it seems a week or more can go by with no real "good" information or updates to provide to the blog. Then, all of a sudden, there are multiple things you want to post all at once. So although this trail ride was last Friday, I enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy the photos.

One of the best things about the ride was not only the company of my good friend Clara and her horse Major, but also the fact that this was probably the most relaxed ride my horse has ever given on the trail. There were a few moments (scary unseen dog behind fence before trail head, horses in distance on the trail that he coulda SWORE where bears), but overall, he was so relaxed, traveling on a loose rein and a free shoulder. It was certainly a pleasant ride indeed.

I asked Boyfriend (the avid hunter) what might have caused these marks. Seemed to small for a bear, and unusual for a deer. But he suspects a buck left his mark here. We have blacktails around here - a hybrid between the well known White-Tail and Muley.

Clara and Pookie-Man (Major)

Is it just me or has Milo beefed up?

We can all attest: this is the best view in the world. 

Dang coyote. Sure made us think of Melissa, Grace, and Belle's encounter only a week prior!

We made it to the "Enchanted Forest!" But ran out of time. Next time. 

Major managed to get the tall grass stalks. 
Milo, did not. But staring intently might have psychologically done the trick. 


smazourek said...

Boy is it ever gorgeous out there, you are so lucky :)

Mary said...

I'm gald Milo was nice and relaxed and you were both able to enjoy the day. The last picture is hysterical!

in2paints said...

The weather must be quite cool where you are... Clara is wearing a sweatshirt! Looks like you both had a lovely ride. :)

paint_horse_milo said...

in2paints- its day its high 70s the next its low 60s. Today, for instance, it was around 72 and sun, then as I got to work went to 62 and rain. Its western washington, and very typical! LOL