Friday, May 27, 2011

New Stuff!

I love it when horse products arrive! As we know, Milo has been on a thirty day detoxifying cleanse with Dynamite Excel and Dyna-Pro, with a pyrantel paste halfway for our bi-yearly worming schedule. The last day is this coming Monday, and then he will start on the Dynamite supplements, as well as the Histacordabyne recommended by Sarah for horses in show season to help boost their immune systems. He was started on that this last week.

So, I preparation of the end of the thirty day cycle, I ordered the Dynamite supplements, which arrived unscathed. That same evening (the same day Milo tragically lost his favorite toy), Boyfriend brought home a very nice new load of horse cookies. He had been at Cenex picking up seeds for our garden in progress (post for another day) and so thoughtfully bought the oats and carrot flavored treats for him. It was naturally an exciting day for this equine-shopaholic. 

And on topic of the tragedy of the purple ball, I did find what I hope to be a suitable replacement. A local friend offered one of her herds' two small balls, and I picked one up from her on my way to the barn on Wednesday. At the very least it could tie Milo over until I could find another large one, or at best, he would love it and it would be a free and easy solution to his toy-deprived situation.

Well, it could have been that it was purple, reminding him of his lost friend, or that it was small and somewhat deflated making it less attractive to play with, or that it donned images of the Disney Princesses on it, but in any manner, Milo didnt approve of Mom's cheap solution. I hucked it over the fence as I went to retrieve his halter. Milo barely lifted his head. I walked into the pasture and soon Milo came to meet up with me, totally bypassing the new toy in his path. I kicked it, trying to instigate play, and he didnt even look. I haltered him and led him to it, which he looked at, then returned his gaze towards me. Clearly this solution wasnt going to work. Is it too soon for Milo?

I determined I needed to find a more suitable replacement and began searching online. With no brand listed on the limp, dead purple toy, I wasnt sure where to start. I searched "Large Jolly Balls" which came up with nothing but 10" sized ones, clearly not the size of his old friend. I found the special jumbo jolly balls, but they had no handle. A handle was a necessity for Milo, I knew this. I saw the very overly-priced "training activity" ball by Stacy Westfall, which not only held too large a price tag, but also didnt have a handle. Some suggested buying a human exercise ball, but the dilemma was still no handle. Somehow I came across what I could only believe to be the same item Milo previously enjoyed.

Ball Bounce & Sport Fun Hopper
Behold, a Hippity-Hop. A child's toy, yes. But it looked very similar to the style Milo had before, and must be strong; capable of holding a child's bouncing weight on it. But being my cheap and unemployed self, the $12.99 price tag still seemed too much after shipping. So I went with the generic version, a "Ball Bounce & Sport Fun Hopper". Well, as uncreative as that name is, I dont think Milo will care much and with two dollars cheaper, I ordered it in blue.

Standard shipping was applied (again, cheap and unemployed) so it may take a while for it to arrive and poor Milo will either have to buck up and play with the girl's toy, or be patient. We shall see what unfolds.

In the meantime, he has carrot flavored treats to tie him over, and I'm thinking I might snatch the already-chewed-on-and-sad-looking traffic cone from the adjacent outdoor arena. Shhh! Don't tell the barn owner!! ;)


Mary said...

I really like the new blog design! I think I need to take a class or something. Very creative. I sure hope that ball arrives soon, poor guy.

paint_horse_milo said...

Haha, why thank you. Sometimes I'm scared to change things up, but so far I like it too.