Thursday, May 26, 2011

Milo Meets Brooks and Dunn

My barn received two adorable little farm animals today to accompany the mini horse, Annie, in summer horse camps. Milo and I had yet to meet the little nuggets, and since they live next to the round pen I decided to introduce Milo to them. All was well as we made our way over to the freshly painted round-pen, until only mere feet away from it's entrance Milo heard a most terrifying sound. Slowly he crept ever closer to the demented noises, until finally we were in the round pen and he was seeing the tiny critters who were making the terrible noise. I let his halter off and he bolted to the other side of the round pen, goggling at them.

I crept closer to the little darlings and Milo stared at me in amazement.

What was causing all the fear? Two adorable little goats, named Brooks and Dunn. Just look at how sweet they are.

I believe it is Dunn and Brooks pictured here, but Im just going off of the fact that one is dun. 
They were so sweet, and super soft! I reached my hand through to pet and scratch them, which they much enjoyed. Milo, on the other hand, decided it was best to stay next to Annie, who, while small, served some protection from the strange midget creatures.

But with Mom so adept to the creepy sounding critters, he decided he could investigate, although carefully

You know you can't resist how cute they are Milo, admit it. 


Kate said...

I love his expressions and how long he can make his neck!

Mare said...

Love it! Milo definitely looks shocked...!

SillyPony said...

How come I've never noticed that the right side of Milo's muzzle looks like he's smiling? Every time I think he can't get any cuter he gets more cuterer!

I think Junior would be trying to climb over the fence to go play with the goats. At least that's how he is with cats and dogs.

paint_horse_milo said...

Haha! Silly Pony thats funny cause last weekend when Boyfriend and I took him to Sarah's he said " since when does Milo have that big black spot?" He always has! I know it fades a bit though in the wintertime...maybe thats why you didnt see it? And I never saw it as a smile before until people starting suggesting that! OH and I think Junior is tooooo cute too! I love roans. :)

Mary said...

That first pic made me laugh out loud, great look!