Friday, April 29, 2011

Milo Goes for a Wild Ride

It was dentist-day at the barn yesterday. A very skilled dentist from Eastern Washington makes the long trip out here bi-yearly to float horses in our area. Since Milo only needs yearly maintenance, we skipped Fall's visit, but scheduled for Spring's.

The unsuspecting victim coming to greet Mom at the gate:

I lead Milo into the abysmal black hole of a stall at the end of rows in the main barn. Milo was feeling uneasy the closer and closer we got, seeing the hanging tortures of death, and tools scattered all around. Putting nerves aside, he walked into the stall and within a few moments not only got the slimy green grass that was left in his mouth now deposited on his brilliant white face (thank you, Dr. Dentist that was much appreciated, while you stand there and snigger now), but was succumbed to the sleepiness of the sedation within moments.

Dr. Dentist got right to work.

Smoke billowed out of the noisy, spinning tools and although Milo was under the sleepy doped up powers of drugs, he was still rather active, considering. I dont blame him: the shrill noises of the intstruments at the human dentist get my nerves going, and these are ten time louder! He stayed relatively stationary, however, and let the Doc do what he does best.

After some work on the incisors, Milo was still feeling a little ... out of it.

How ya doin there, buddy?

By the expression in your eyes, you must be a little confused about what just happened, eh?

The good doc also removed three relatively small beans from Milo's sensitive area. Considering I just cleaned it not too long ago makes me feel weak in my abilities, but I also wasnt putting my hand so far up with fears of never getting it back. So I guess it works out.

Once he was stable enough to walk, I led him a few yards away to the round pen where he could wake up before making the long walk to the pasture, and the too ample food cunsumptions down there.

Walking is still kinda hard for me, Mom. Ill just take it nice and slow...

Hmm, stare off over here?
And then he caught the glimpse of a smaller someone..

Woah, woah, woah. What is this?
I can only imagine what Milo's doped up brain was making of this new discovery, I can only imagine it is something we might see on a comedy about doped up teenagers getting into shenanegans. Or maybe I'm just making up weird stories? 

Are you seeing this, Mom??
Hey wait...come back...

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Carol said...

Milo is so handsome. I always feel sorry for them when they're teeth are done.