Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's All About the Horse

SQUEEE!!! My saddle arrived yesterday afternoon!! I had been tracking it on UPS online since Monday when it shipped, and eagerly awaited for the UPS truck to arrive at the office. I had strategically planned to have it shipped to the office so that I wouldnt have either a) someone steal it off of my front porch or b) wait another day to put it on Milo. The beautifully big box arrived, and this was a far more exciting delivery then any old office supplies.

I loaded it into my truck and at day's end we headed out to the barn.

I frantically used by keys to open the box, having forgot my pocket knife at home. In my haste, I was able to get the thick packing tape ripped open.

My first glimpses of the saddle!
Milo looked on, asking "Whats going on over there, Mom?"
"Oh something very, very special Milo. Just you wait and see."

Its even balanced on a truck sideboard!
I grinned from ear to ear, devouring its sheer elegance, and believe me, saddles can be elegant. I stared at it for a little while, called the Boyfriend saying I had it (through my squeals of joy I'm surprised he even understood the conversation). But being Friday, there were pastures to clean before I could really start with my saddle. I ran through those chores like no one's business, then drove the saddle up the barn, deposited it on my tack truck, then headed back down to the pasture to retrieve my horse.

I collected Milo and when I arrived in the barn aisle-way I had an audience, waiting for me to put the saddle they all have witnessed me wait for for the long grueling months. So I did, gladly.

Now to refresh your memory, lets go through all of the specifications on the saddle, shall we? The saddle is built on a #2 bar About the Horse tree, in Reiner design. It is built in genuine Herman Oak Leather, promising durability and longevity. It is a 15.5" seat, measured from thigh width. It has a custom ordered "show line" skirt on it, providing not only the larger skirt size, but the butterfly cut out for closer contact.

White stitching throughout
Rawhide Rope Roll with silver lacing. Rosettes adorn the rear, with d rings and trail strings for more accent. Chocolate edging throughout, giving an even greater finished and detailed look, drawing in the chocolate from the seat.  

Attention to detail, even in the knife holder on the flank cinch. 

More detail still, in the stamped pre-turned bell stirrups. Stamped logo on stirrup hobbles for more accent. 
More attention to detail in stamped About the Horse Logo on hand made mohair cinch. 
But heres where the really great qualities of the saddle come to play:

The diamond plated rigging system, unique to About the Horse, Inc saddles. You fellow westerners will notice the angle difference in this rigging for sure. It is great for horses like Milo, who are wide at the shoulder, narrow behind the wither, then wide through the belly. Though this rigging is compatible with most any horse, it is a perfect "close contact" feel for Milo. 
This diamond rigging allows for complete shoulder freedom!! Milo should be super excited and feel confident in lifting up into this saddle. 
Right Milo? Super excited? Mom here is elated! You could show a little bit of enthusiasm. Do you know how much money was spent on this, and how long I have waited for it?
"Feels like a saddle to me, Mom. Saddles mean work."
Alright grumpy-pants. But you look so darned cute in it!!
And then, the magic moment, where at long last my hinney graced the folds of my own fitting western saddle again. Sheer joy I tell ya. 

But the best thing about Dave's About the Horse saddles are not their beauty (though that is a strong contender). Its that the saddles fit the horse correctly, and they put their rider where they are supposed to be. With the help of Sarah, I can maintain this correct position. 

I'll let you all absorb this marvel, with more on the first ride to come!


Story said...

It's gorgeous! I think I might have squealed a bit myself lol! It looks like it fits really well, too. Can't wait to hear about that first ride!

SillyPony said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Kate said...

Those are great saddles - one (or more - I'm hoping for only one but my horses are rather different shapes) is in my future. They're great for both horse and rider.

Mare said...

How exciting! That's a beautiful saddle!

in2paints said...

Gorgeous saddle! It turned out really nice, and I can see the excitement all over your face! :)

When I was browsing the website when you first ordered your saddle, I wasn't sure if they could make the type of saddle I'm wanting, but now that I see yours, I may have to take a closer look!

I can't wait to hear how much you love it and how you think Milo feels.

paint_horse_milo said...

Thank you everyone! I am so in love with this saddle! Ive ridden two About the Horse saddles now in lessons, but none had felt as great as this one - because they werent mine!

in2paints - if you are interested in learning mroe about them, from someone who has obviously gone through the process and have ridden in them since October, shoot me an email at