Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So How Did I Do?

Remember back in November when I made a list of all the upgrades and accessories I wanted to incorporate for my trailer? I set the deadline to March 24, Milo's birthday anticipating that to be a good amount of time to get it all done. Now its time to check in and see how well, or not, that I have done.

Trailer Makeover/Stock List
To be completed by March 24

ü Water Jug
 Pitchfork
 Manure Bucket
 2 water/feed buckets
 First Aid Kit
         To include:
                o Mercury or Digital Thermometer and Rubbing Alcohol
                o Cutters/Scissors
                o Clean Leg Wraps
                o Gauze and Bandages
                o Vet Wrap
                o Tweezers
                o Disposable Diapers
                o Anitbiotic Ointment
                o Stethoscope
                o Sheet for vital signs
ü Grooming Supplies
         To include:
                ü Curry Comb
                ü Medium and Stiff Brush
                ü Hoof Pick
                ü Mane and Tail Brush
 Duct Tape
 Hay Twine
 Two Blocker Ties
 Two Blocks of Wood
 Add hinged lower latch to rear door
 Add flood light(s) to rear
 Door block/stopper for tack room
 Flashlight
ü Hay Net/Bag - potential: corner feeders
ü Spare Halter and Lead Rope

üLeather Headstall
 Linex on Wheel Well

Alright, so I didnt do the greatest of jobs completing this list. I got the grooming supplies and extra tack from craigslist on a good deal, and I even had the buckets, manure fork, and first aid kit in my Horse.com shopping cart, but things happened unexpectantly and I couldnt get them ordered. I also had a sneaky suspicion I could get the items cheaper from Cenex and (possibly) pay less. Blocker ties proved to be much more expensive then I anticipated, but I still plan to get at least one. Boyfriend purchased the Hercules (Linex) lining as I had mentioned I wanted to put on the wheel well, Safety Concern, but we havent applied it yet. We even came super close one day to buying the flood lights for the rear, but Napa Auto Parts didnt have the clear ones Boyfriend was after, only the "foggy" looking ones. Hay twine really shouldnt be hard to get, I use it all the time for things at the barn. I just need to snatch a few strands from the barn and just put them in there.

So never fear, I still will keep the list and try to finish it up as soon as possible. Fortunetly, good weather should be coming up which will encourage us to work outside more, and hopefully get that Hercules put on the wheel wells. I will try and keep the blog updated with the larger renovations when they are completed, as well as when the list is finally completed, which I would like to believe would be before the upcoming summer show season.


Rising Rainbow said...

Seems like those kinds of lists are always growing and changing. You check one off and add two. LOL

in2paints said...

I have a pretty good collection of things in my trailer, but they sit in a plastic tub and collect dirt. One day I'll be glad I have all that stuff, though!

You have a few things on your list I don't have on mine, so I may steal a couple! :)