Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trailer Makeover

Today I decided I am going to make a deadline for all of the upgrades and items to be duplicated for my trailer. I have this goal in my mind of having my trailer nearly always stocked and equipped with necessary basics and safety precautions. That way, any time I haul all I need to worry about is basically packing the saddle and bridle, along with no concerns of being unprepared in an emergency situation.

Because cash flow can be a problem for immediete upgrade, the goal for the completion of this project/makeover is March 24. Not only is it early in the spring so my trailer should be equipped and ready to go for spring and summer events and happenings, but it is Milo's birthday :)

Without further adeu, here is the list:
Trailer Makeover/Stock List
To be completed by March 24
 Water Jug
 Pitchfork
 Manure Bucket
 2 water/feed buckets
 First Aid Kit
     To include:
          o Mercury or Digital Thermometer and Rubbing Alcohol
          o Cutters/Scissors
          o Clean Leg Wraps
          o Gauze and Bandages
          o Vet Wrap
          o Tweezers
          o Disposable Diapers
          o Anitbiotic Ointment
          o Stethoscope
          o Sheet for vital signs
 Grooming Supplies
     To include:
          o Curry Comb
          o Medium and Stiff Brush
          o Hoof Pick
          o Mane and Tail Brush
 Duct Tape
 Hay Twine
 Two Blocker Ties
 Two Blocks of Wood
 Add hinged lower latch to rear door
 Add flood light(s) to rear
 Door block/stopper for tack room
 Flashlight
 Hay Net/Bag - potential: corner feeders
 Spare Halter and Lead Rope

I may be adding to/subtracting (not likely) this list as thing come to my mind.
"A goal without a plan is just a wish." - Larry Elder


in2paints said...

Great list!! I have "trailer supplies" that I keep in my trailer at all times too. That way all the necessities are stocked and ready to go and I can't forget something important. The first aid kit is difficult to keep, though, because of the heat we have here in NC. Some of the stuff shouldn't be baking in the 120 degree temperatures that gather inside my horse trailer.

But it's always ncie to have those things on hand! :)

paint_horse_milo said...

fortunetly for me, Western WA typically only gets to about 90 in the summer, and around 20 at coldest in the winter. :)

Kate said...

U.S. Rider roadside assistance insurance - not in the trailer or truck, but very important if you break down.

Safety triangles, and a roll on/roll off jack for tire changing.

And a good knife for cutting things free in an emergency.

If you use hay nets, use the small mesh type - no chance of catching a leg.

Fly masks if you leave the windows open and don't have screens (Dawn always pushes her nose through ours.)


Some hay and a water bucket and some water.

Good list!