Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sunday Project

Sunday's task over the weekend was to continue working on the property. As Boyfriend worked the pile of debris and got a fire going...

Angie begged to play ball (dont ask me where she finds these all).

Than she wanted a ride on the quad (I actually hid her ball up there to deter her from playing but she got smart and tried to steal it off the back).

But seriously, there was work to be done. We needed to move this pile of two truck loads of alder to a location where the truck driver would have access to it.

So my job was to chain them up to the tractor...

And Boyfriend would drag them away, than restack in the new location.

When waiting for Boyfriend to return one trip, Angie somehow got her ball wedged between and underneath the logs ready to be moved on the next turn. She frantically tried to find a way to get to it before it would be lost forever.

Angie tried to decide her next move....

Hahaha this is the best one. Um, Angie, I dont think you need to try and get to it anymore....

After a few more rounds, Boyfriend had the bright idea to speed things up by having me drag individual logs with the quad. That way there were two trips constantly moving (and I think he thought I was too slow on the chaining end...). So thats what we did, and I must admit, it was quite fun to be dragging logs from the quad.

We ended up finishing the move right as the sun was beginning to go down. It was a good days work, but now they are at the front of the driveway ready to be picked up and us receiving our cash.

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