Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How We Started the New Year

On Saturday, Boyfriend's Dad brought his tractor out again and they set to work on reducing the shrubbery and stumps pile, while I packed up Christmas decorations and cleaned house. But once the necessary chores were finished, I ventured outside with my camera.

Yes, that is Boyfriend standing in the tractor bucket. 

And it was still cold out....
Later when I looked at this photo on the computer, I was displeased to see my shadow obscuring it. But the small pond on the property is a sheet of ice!

So I opted to stand near the huge fire. 

The family that lived at our house before we purchased it, apparently (according to the neighbor and vast amounts of evidence) spent their time chucking countless golf balls into the once dense trees and shrubs. I wonder if we will sill be unearthing golf balls once Milo is home.

And because Im sure you have all been waiting for more Angie pictures, I will indulge you. Not to mention, Angie really wanted to play fetch.
Throw the ball??

Once more, please?


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