Sunday, January 2, 2011

Milo Wants Some Treats

Hi Mom, did you bring me cookies? Carrots perhaps?

No? Well you're rather boring. Let me execute Yawn #1 then, for your entertainment of course.

Yawn #2. 
You liked that one didn't you?

Let me creep in closer so Yawn #3 gives a greater effect. 

See? Full effect. 
You sure that camera isn't a carrot?

Ready for Yawn #4? There it is. 

You're boring. I'm going to just stand here then and pout for your lack of treats. 

Absolutely positive you don't have anything for me?

Alright then, I'll stand over here in this corner where you usually feed me cookies, carrots, and sometimes handfuls of my grain. *Sigh*

Maybe if I creep back over....

Wait?? What are you doing over there??

1 comment:

Rising Rainbow said...

I've seen that attitude here on occasion,"if you're not going to do something useful, I guess I'll leave." LOL

Hope you have a Happy New Year!