Monday, January 3, 2011

Last Photos of 2010

I had Friday off of work in observance of New Years Eve, and what better way to spend your day off than in the company of horses and friends? Not to mention, it was an absolutely gorgeous day. The temperatures dropped the past couple of days to mid twenties overnight and just at freezing during the day. But being true Northwest Cowgirls, we all bundled up and ventured out anyways.

No apples coming from these trees anytime soon...

Milo says, "Glad to see you Mom, but can't you see Im sunbathing?"

Mom, this is my good side. 

Milo, you realize how rediculous you look, right?

pimp myspace - Gickr

So I tried to step away from him to take a full on picture, and he insisted he needs to be two feet away from me.

See Mom, the good side. 

Mother, why are you over there now?

Let's just fix that....

Ahhh perfect spot.

So some friends hauled in to go trail riding with Heather and I. It was terrific out, but cold. Fortunetly, I was the toasty one being that I was riding bareback. :) We had about a two hour ride.

Stephanie and Red, and Maddie on Midge

Heather and Missy, and Milo and I. Missy and Milo love each other.

My horse was being such a good boy. 
It was a great way to wrap up the year.

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