Monday, December 13, 2010

Why I Dislike Mud

Mud. It happens. Especially here in Western Washington. But here are the top five reasons why I really dislike mud.

1. My horse has to stand in it.
Not only do I feel bad for my little darling, but its bad for his hooves. Its a perfect host for bacteria and other nastiness especially since the manure they deposit onto it only disperses and spreads becoming a mud-poo concotion of grime and stench. Not to mention it softens their hooves too. Horses are arid animals, they are not intended to live in mud. 

2. It creates lakes that are not intended to be there. 
Photo taken in one of the pastures I clean. 

Ok, so this isnt exactly mud. But it does act like mud in that it creates a clippery wet environment giving horses perfect excuse to get injured. Plus it becomes a hazard to the pasture maids (aka me).

3. It makes the wheelbarrow near impossible to move!

When the wheelbarrow is already heavy enough, the soaked muddy manure now adds 10x more weight to the load. Combine this with the slippery surfaces of the pasture against non-gripping rubber boots, and you have disaster plus unsuccessful wheelbarrow moving. (Plus, its harder to dump when finally reaching manure disposing area).

4. The mud tries to eat my boots.

Combine the four inch deep mud with standing water, than try and walk through it. The mud creates a perfect suction for ripping rubber boots from unsuspecting pasture cleaners.

5. It exacerbates the water dumping dilemma.

Water dumping is already a chore being as you will always get wet, you have to find a way to muster the Superman strength to even get the tub dumped, than its a back breaking segment of scrubbing, than refilling. The mud makes for a wet environment anyways, than it saddens my heart to see that I just added to the problem.

Thank God for rubber boots is all I can say, or my leather boots would be toast and I would have some rather disgusting socks and feet.

I suppose, actually, I shouldnt be hating on the mud itself. The mud is just a result of an over abundance of rain. Well shoot, Im living in the wrong state!

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Amber said...

I adore the pictures in this post! It makes me feel like I'm right there ... and I totally agree, mud is no fun. At all. Ever.

Maybe if you wore a Superman cape [rain-proof of course] it would help with the chores. If not, it'll make your neighbors look at you oddly for a while, which in it's own way is kind of fun!