Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Letter To The Big Man Himself

Dear Santa,
I have a small request for Christmas this year. While I am quite sure you couldnt easily fit my custom About the Horse saddle in your bag, nor could you pay off my trailer payments because that might be overbudget, here is the gift I believe you could manage for me::

A new set of spurs. Specifically, these beauties, with the ruby red rhinestones to match my birthstone and my boots. If you're not sure where to get them, Schneiders Saddlery has them for only $29.99, here is an easy link for you.


Santa, you might be asking why I need new spurs? Aside from the fact that they are drool-worthy gorgeous, I have three reasons why they need to adorn my riding boots:
1. These puppies have a longer neck on them, allowing for better communication between Milo and I. This leads into reason number two...
2. My shorter necked spurs arent giving me the reach and functionality necessary. This causes me to tork my legs in an odd manner and becoming less effective in my communication with my leg aids, as well as my body position (and we already know, Dear Nicholas, that I need to work on my body position).
3. Finally, Father Christmas, these particular spurs are larger meaning better weighted. This will allow them to rest nicely on the spur ledge of my boots, and therefore will not move northbound during my ride, and will save me many broken rubber bands from attempts to secure them down.

So Mr. Claus, I do thank you for your consideration of this gift this Christmas. It would be most beneficial to myself and my horse.

See you on the 24th!

And P.S. Santa, if you have the room, these beauties would not only compliment the gift above, but they would also neatly fit into my stocking. 

They are available from Rods here.

Thanks again!

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Story said...

Can I put those spur straps on my Christmas list too?!?!?! I've been searching all over for something like those!

I totally hear you on the heavier spurs. My spurs like to bounce all over unless I make everything really tight and it makes me crazy!

Nice bling! I love bling!