Sunday, December 19, 2010

Friday Re-Cap

Oh hello Mom, glad you made it out to see me. 

Do you have something for me??

This is where Milo begs for cookies and carrots, or extra hay. 
Can I has? he asks

No? I'll eat some nasty wet bedding instead. Num nom num. 

Jake begs too as Milo continues to chow down on bedding. Weirdo. 

I decided I needed to start cleaning pastures and stop taking pictures. Than I look over and see Milo torturing poor Jakers!!

Milo! You stop that! Hes twenty years older than you!

Who, Me?? I didnt do anything, honest!

See Mom, we're buddies!

Wait a minute, something didnt look right in those pictures. 

Milo is known for his many antics and shenanegans. Leave a halter on the fence, he pulls it off, hes even been known to reach his grain bucket (on this green roof here) along with stealing pitchforks, taking off his neck cover (will visit this again later), finding buckets and strewing them along the pasture, and now finally, taking things out of the outdoor arena (a fenceline he shares with it) and dragging said objects (this time a pole) into his pasture. Milo, you have a giant purple ball, remember? Why not play with that? Oh, Milo. 

Notice something else not right with these photos? Aha, his neck cover is off. This time not his doing (today). Remember a few posts back I said that he took it off and stomped it into the mud? Well it took about two and a half days to fully dry before I could finally put it back on. But never fear, Milo has it on right now as we speak (hopefully), and just in time for the three inches of snow we got here Saturday morning in Seabeck  - although Milo may not have any in Poulsbo. 

Until next time...


Ashley said...

haha he is hilarious! He's just like a big kid who doesn't want to play with the toys Mom got for him :)

Kate said...

He's a playful boy! Love all the "looks" he give you!