Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Photos

I got the Christmas photos from my co-worker, although as stated in a previous post, Milo wasnt really feeling that spirit that evening so Im not so sure I will be sending these photos out this year...haha.

Well first we tried the poinsetta, which I thought was very pretty on his leather halter. Milo thought it was itchy and blocked his field of vision. 

Ahh, the classic smooch shot. The embrace clearly wasnt mutual. 

Than we tried the santa hat. He really wasnt feeling that. Wow Milo, well we got a nice shot of your trace clip, huh?

We brought Milo back up to his stall and I got this great idea to wrap Christmas lights around his halter. Milo didnt think it was all that cool, but it is a neat photo regardless. 

Final result revealed tomorrow!


Ashley said...

hahaha Oh Milo! Not so jolly and in the Christmas spirit :) Cute photos regardless!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Great shots! Love the lights and how his coat matches your hair color, so pretty!