Friday, October 8, 2010

Working Cattle

Wednesday night we got ot go work cattle at Diamond Hill Ranch. Not too many showed up, but we still had some good friends there and a lot of fun working the cows!

The evening started with some cutting, done by Hilary. It as a lot of fun to watch. There is a clinic coming up in Nov (same weekend as the second show, however) that I would have liked to go to. Im hoping if the clinician comes again on a time that I can make it, it would be fun to learn the ropes of cutting. I think Milo would do a decent job, and I know he would have fun!

Milo asks when its his turn in the herd.

This cattle event was different than the sorting ones Ive gone to in Chimacum. Here, instead of pushing cows, we worked the cows with a partner. Shoot, I didnt get a photo of the obstacles were were pushing them through... but there were jump standards and things set up where the goal was for you and your partner to maneuver the cows through the obstacles. One partner as the "pusher" and one as the "wing".

Here, Melissa and Grace are pushing and Milo and I are the wing.

In our first round working the cattle, at one point I asked Milo for a lope to close off a gap that the cattle were eyeing to cut through. A few strides into the lope after the cows, Milo did what he has been getting accustomed to doing at the sorting: bounding up and down with little crow hops thrown in for good measure. Since this evenings excercise was all about getting our buttons down, I bagged the cows and worked his little butt. Im sorry Milo, but I dont care if you are getting excited over the cows, you do not start crow hopping and tossing your head when you feel like it.

After I felt we had our composure back, Melissa and I tried it again. Same thing! Milo you little brat! So I took some time and really schooled him. I got him tuned back into me.

Next attempt, Milo did very well and as a bonus, Melissa and I finished the "pattern" correctly and got the cows moved through easily.

For fun, I added the photo above. It isnt a vert clear photo, but this is Sarah's saddle. Its the About the Horse #2 bar. It is very comfortable and fits Milo well. Its not my cup of tea for style (with the round skirt and darker color) but it doesnt matter cause it isnt mine! I cant wait for my Crates to sell so I can get the order placed on my saddle!

I have my final ride on Milo this evening before the show tomorrow. Just planning on solidifying what we have ready for tomorrow. Going to pack up the trailer and get Milo's grain bags made. I wont be on through the weekend, but I will have updates on Monday for y'all!


Story said...

That cow work sounds like a lot of fun! Working through a pattern like that would teach a lot of control and precision. Good luck at your show, I bet you'll both do great! Can't wait to hear about it.

in2paints said...

Poor Milo... LOL He's just trying to have a good time! ;)

I really enjoy reading about your cow sorting adventures. Hopefully one of these days I'll have a horse that I can use to work cows. Seems like it would be so much fun.

Can't wait to hear about the show! Good luck!