Monday, October 4, 2010

Milo's Home, a Change in Pattern, and a Bareback Ride

I thought I would tour you on Milo's current "home", until coming home that is!
This is what I see when I drive up the driveway. "Oh HI Mom! Pleasure to see you again! :)"

 Just out of reach....this is obviously where he and Jake are fed. I haven't put up Milo's name tag yet, so hes getting fed in Covergirl's old stall. But Milo finds getting mid-afternoon snacks easier in Jake's stall. 

 This is the side of the two stall shelter. 

The two stalls. 

The view of the highway from the stalls. And I'm not sure what the fenced off area is fencing off, but it is. 

Other side of the pasture, and the apple tree. 

Oh, Hi Jake! 

"Mom! How did you sneak that camera in here? Let me come get in your way." 

"See, so worthy of taking a photo of. :)" 

Upon taking Milo out of his pasture for grooming, he was less than pleased to find I tied him too short to eat the delectable grass. Sorry Milo, you have a pasture to eat grass in all day.   

I had noticed on Friday that Milo seems to be roaning a little bit. Here is a roan patch Milo has had as long as I have had him.  

And these photos don't show it too well, but it appears he is "roaning" a bit on his hind quarters now. Hes getting flecks of white throughout that he never used to have. And while he is shedding his summer coat, in the three years Ive had him, never once has he shedded out to more white.  

It will be most interesting to see what he looks like in a few more years. 
(a peak at my truck in the background too!) 

"Mom, setting me up for photos is boring."
"But the lighting is so perfect!" 

I had a fantastic "bareback" ride on Milo (used the bareback pad). He worked well under himself again today (it almost seems like a reliable aspect to our riding now!). And I'm also proud of myself. I have come a long way in 2010 to gaining my bareback seat back (as you may remember, it was one of my New Years Resolutions). While Im not 100%, and I believe there will always be room for improvement, it is great to look back and see the progress that I have made. 

Being bareback hasnt made me wary on working on certain maneuvers (lead changes, fast circles, etc). Milo gets just as much of a workout as he would under saddle, but I sure get more. I expect to be sore tomorrow, but it is all in the journey to better horsemanship. 

Not to mention, Milo really put the brakes on on our second lope-stop. It was great.

And it finally hit me something to work on to better his inside pivot foot for our turnarounds, I dont know why I hadnt thought of it before. Since I cannot see which foot he is pivoting on while I am riding, and since I havent yet been able to feel which one is correct or not (I can feel the difference between which one he is pivoting, but I dont know which feeling goes for which leg, if that makes sense), how can I show Milo which one is correct if Im not able to distinguish between the two? On Friday, I worked on our pivots on the ground, as I might for showmanship. He tried a pivot on the outside automatically, but I was able to correct him and get him balanced on the inside. Good Boy! 

Now I just have to be able to feel the difference under saddle. Its still a work in progress. But at least he readily moves off of my leg and transfers his energy forward when I feel him going backwards. Its a step in the right direction. 

Look at his gaskin! My oh my, Milo! And interesting, why is there a dry spot where my thighs were?


Kate said...

He's beautiful (as always!). Sounds like a productive bareback session.

Nina said...

Thank you Kate! And yes, it was!