Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back from Twisp

The Boyfriend and I took a much needed vacay over the past week. We went to Twisp, Wa (about four hour drive for us) to where his Aunt and Uncle have a cabin set on the Twisp River. Wes and I attend their family reunion every year in September, but this time we went for hunting season.

As I may or may not have mentioned prior, Boyfriend is an avid hunter. Especially for prize mule and whitetail deer. As you may or may not remember, last year when we went to Twisp, we returned with a nice Mule buck and lots of meat for the winter. This year however, the weather wasnt quite in our favor, and Wes never saw a trigger-pulling high country buck come in front of his scope. Never fear, however, Boyfriend does have one more annual hunting trip, this time to Weippe Idaho first week in November (ahem-during my NEXT show putting my chances on going to it in jeopardy!).

I did get some photos of beautiful Twisp though for your enjoyment.
This shot is from high atop of the Okanogan National Forest on Thompson Road. Follow this road about 8 miles to Boyfriend's hunting ridge. This view is considered the Methow Valley. To the bottom right (cant see it in this photo) you cna overlook the Twisp River and the cabin we were staying in.

Boyfriend's rig, parked at the base of his ridge. Its a lonnnng hike up to his tree stand.

For amusement (and to torment himself) almost every evening we drove the Methow Valley "deer spotting". Deer become most active in the evening and night, and they make their way down the ridges to the vast and frequent alfalfa and orchard fields.

This bad boy we spotted last trip to Twisp in September. Off course, it wasnt hunting season then, and he was on private property. See what I mean about Boyfriend tormenting himself?

Here was a momma doe and her almost hidden baby off the road feeding on some fruit trees.
And another cute doe off the side of the road.

Twisp is definitely a place I could live. With it's beautiful views, home grown country folk, and outdoor activity, I think Boyfriend and I would fit in quite well. Unfortunetly, being a small town, jobs are few and far between, and the economy is even more poor than here in Kitsap County.

But after five days gone I sure was missing my Miloface. Wes let me visit him briefly on our way home yesterday. I swear he gained some weight while I was gone. Now just counting the hours until I will be off work and on my way to ride Milo.


Amy Lou said...

That's the dilemma that I have. I live in an ugly city away from home grown country folk and outdoor activity, but it's so that I can have the great job that I do. I'm from a place that is just as gorgeous as Twisp, but I can't afford to live there because of the job situation. :-(

paint_horse_milo said...

Amy- thats too bad. Luckily, Kitsap County isnt a big city like Seattle, but it still isnt as country as we would like.

in2paints said...

Twisp is gorgeous!

I miss living in the country too. I'm not in a big city, but pretty close to Raleigh and only because that's where the jobs are. If only I could take my current job with me wherever I moved! Virtual office anyone? :)

paint_horse_milo said...

in2paints - I agree. Can I just work online from home? Where-ever that may be? :)

Amy Lou said...

I'd be in heaven in the mountains if I could work online from home!

Amy Lou said...

OT, but I saw this page and thought of you and your saddle fitting issue.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Amy, but Ive already found the brand Im going for- About the Horse. Im just waiting on my Crates to sell before I can put the deposit down on the order for mine.