Monday, September 20, 2010

Wool vs Fleece

So as days are getting colder Im thinking more about getting Milo a real cooler. I currently have a cotton blend throw blanket that Ive been using as more of a towel to dry Milo off with during the winter when he gets sweaty after a ride. Im thinking its about time I get him a real cooler to aid in cooling down. Especially since I plan to be working him often this winter and showing, I will need something that will be more effective than what I am currently using.

Upon first searching for horse coolers, I found the commonly used fleece type. Available in a wide variety of styles; square, fitted, etc. I was searching ebay for a cheap one, and just before I bought one, I noticed a thread on a forum I frequent about using wool coolers. Upon reading further I found that a lot of people use the wool instead.

So I started trying to search for wool coolers instead. Oh man, they are a LOT more money. Maybe cruising craigslist may yeild cheaper results for a good used one.

Next I considered what style I would like. The square or the fitted. Square to me seems like a better option to cover the neck and absorb wetness there versus the fitted which covers only the body.

So what is your take? Do you prefer the fleece over the wool? Or do you like the fitted style over the square? Why?


Anonymous said...

I've had good luck with both wool and fleece (synthetic) - although the fleece ones are easier to wash and dry. I usually prefer the fitted ones with a tail strap or rear leg straps and a belly strap, as well as buckle in the front - those can be left on in the stall or used under a blanket as a liner. The square ones are nice too but you have to stay with the horse.

Story said...

Blogger keeps eating my comments this afternoon so sorry if this turns up twice!

I have a wool square cooler that I've had for years and I really like it, but as Kate pointed out, you can't leave them unattended with those coolers. I did borrow a fitted fleece cooler last winter that I simply LOVED! It wrapped snuggly around the neck and had a belly band. It was from Schneider's. One of the kids working at the barn accidentally put Page away wearing it one night and while it was covered in shavings in the morning, it hadn't moved an inch. Try that with a square cooler!

paint_horse_milo said...

Thanks for the advice. But I wouldnt put Milo away without drying him out anyways, I plan to stay with him if he has the cooler on. And he also sweats a lot on his neck so something to cover that area is needed...

Story, do you still have your wool one? Would you be willing to sell?

in2paints said...

I can't remember which cooler I have... but I know it's fleece and it isn't fitted. I wanted fleece because the upkeep for fleece is much easier than wool. My cooler is machine washable and dryable, although some of the wool coolers can be machine washed too but have to be hung out to dry. I think the wool coolers are quite heavy and I'm sure the price had a lot to do with it as well... :)

Regarding fitted or not, I wanted one that covered her neck and didn't want to have to purchase two separate pieces.

Good luck in your search!