Friday, September 17, 2010

Singing the Blues

Rain in Washington. What a surprise. Milo and Jake pouting over the weather:
Yes, Milo doenst like to get wet. And since it was raining all day, yes, Im sure Milo was standing under the shelter all day. Never fear, however, I did put his lightweight rain sheet on after the ride. Now Mr Milo only has to suffer being rained on his head and neck. And since it is predicted to rain for quite sometime now, I took Jake's fly equipment off (hope Patty doesnt mind). Jake sure was happy though when the mask came off and was trying to rub all over me!

Milo was a fiesty boy right off the bat (probably from standing under the shelter all day). I kept thinking "I need to longe him before I get on". And what did I do? Not longe him. I swear, being human makes me mentally handicapped.

So I got on, and wouldnt you know it, no focus from Milo. Of course I got frustrated and tried to force his attention on me. Which, naturally did work.

I couldnt understand what I needed to do and I basically fought with him the entire ride. It wasnt until I was driving home thinking about everything that it hit me like a pile of bricks. I was trying to make Milo do what I wanted; not having a partnership. I got that sinking feeling in my gut. Sometimes I really dislike being a handicapped human.

For God knows what reason, I decided yesterday was the day to perfect everything that wasnt. Of course that means I drilled and drilled and overworked things. And as the ride progressed, Milo gave me less and less, which frustrated me further. I dont know why I get days like that. I think its because I get it in my mind that we have x amount of time to get something perfect. That is where my problem lies; trying to perfect something by skipping the training steps required. Fortunetly for me, I dont do this too often, as I typically realize what a douche Ive been and work hard to correct myself.

I think that the weather is getting me down (Milo too). But I have to get over it because Ive got at least seven more months of it ahead. Oh joy.

Edit: Im sorry for the "downer" post. But when I feel I am doing something incorrect/wrong, I feel like I need to admit it. And being human, it happens.

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in2paints said...

Don't feel too bad. We all have those days... and our horses too!

I've had days like that with Lilly and after the ride I feel horrible for the way I worked her. She tries so hard and I feel bad when I'm not always as patient as she needs me to be.

The only thing we can do is remember for next time and work to keep it from happening again. Luckily our horses love us no matter what. :)