Monday, September 27, 2010

Now You Cant Go Biting Cows!

Saturday I was able to bring Milo out to the Chimacum Cow Sorting again with Heather, which was, as always, a blast! The event had been canceled last weekend due to bad weather, but it was sunny and dry this Saturday, so the cow sort was on!

I warmed up Milo and he was feeling frisky. Staring that things that were scary (picnic table, panels) lol. But was able to get his mind working.
It was pretty windy out-hence the crazy hair :) He worked well for me but was a tad on the lazy side. The ground was hard too so I loped maybe 5 strides, than stuck to trotting.

My friend commented on this photo saying I look like I work for the mob. Haha! Milo sure looks good though! So after the brief warm up, we were finally able to go into the sorting pen. Milo did well, and it seemed each new time he went into the pen he got more and more excited and into it.

Milo started to get a little fed up with the cows. They dont have much of a "bubble" and sometimes you literally would have ot ram into them to get them to move. There was a mom and calf for instance that were #1 and #3 and they were near impossible to split apart. Eventually, in our third or fourth time in, Milo finally had enough of the disrespectful cows not moving form him, he took a big chomp at one! I like the enthusiasm Milo, but you cant go biting cows!!

Milo would wait intently for his next turn in the pen.

Finally in our last round, this time in with Melissa and Grace, we finished at 68 seconds. The best time of the night. Later, I had heard that our time was beat by three tenths of a second! Its ok though, Milo did a great job and it sure was a lot of fun, and good practice for the show coming up in only two weeks!

What I love about sorting cows so much is not only how happy my horse is with his job, but how relaxed a rider I become and how much fun I am having too. I dont have to worry about my equitation, I mostly just have to get out of my horse's way! Not to mention the people at the events are a lot of fun, relaxed, and down to earth. Just the type of people I want to spend my time with. No one is overly competative, we are all there to have a good time and learn something new.

All in all, it was a fun and beautiful evening. Cant wait until we can do it again. But next time, at the show!


Kate said...

Our Lily would get very impatient with the cows, and would lunge and bite them. No, Lily, bad Lily! That was about the end of her career with cows!

in2paints said...

Those are some really nice pictures of the two of you! :)

I'm glad Milo is getting into his job and having a good time. Even if he is being a little bossy! LOL