Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bringing Milo Home I

So as I may, or may not, have previously posted, my boyfriend bought a house and property that we have been living in for the past five months. It has 2.7 usable acres and the plan has been to get it cleared and ready to move Milo on.

This is what the property looked like when we first moved in:
Sorry, the panorama shots get more in it, just click on the images to get a bigger size.

We spent the summer burning that mound of stumps and debris along with the help of our friends (lots of bon fires)

Our friend was able to fall a few pesky trees for us.

This past weekend, Wes' cousin Jason who operates with Saw Enterprises, came out to begin clearing the property. This is a shot of the property the first day that Jason began working on it, 09/23/10

And on the third day that hillside looked like this:
And on the fourth, looked like this:

The barn will be placed up on that hilltop, with Milos paddock running off the far side (where the trees currently are), and pasture to the back (to still be cleared) and to the front.

This will be the front pasture (where the mound of stuff we were previously clearing was). The house will overlook it :)

Jason also began working on the soon-to-be arena.

From the left side of the CAT to the end of the property line (imagine the trees on the right side gone) and further back. It will finish at about 100x70.

And this is the new HUGE mound to burn. Jason will be back to finish after hunting season in November, think we can get rid of this pile before he returns?


in2paints said...

That's exciting! I remember the days when I had my horses at home... it was so nice! I'm sure you're excited to bring Milo home too!

Do you have a projected "due date" or are you working on things as time/money allows? I can't wait to see as things progress!

paint_horse_milo said...

as time/money allows really. Also ASAP lol. We are hoping by spring/summer 2011