Thursday, August 12, 2010

Transition Work

So like mentioned in the last post, some attention to transition work has been needed. So I worked on exactly that yesterday with Milo. Like mentioned, his issue has been hollowing out and tensing into the transition up or down, and what my goal is is to have him using his rear and reaching underneath for a balanced and relaced transition. And I got (almost) exactly that after after 15 minutes of concentrated transition work yesterday. And (suprise suprise) his lope was entirely much more relaxed and cadenced when he departed into it balanced and reaching. It was a great feeling.

Downward transitions are a little more of an issue. Milo tends to recognize a weight shift downward in the saddle as requiring a hard stop (aka beginning of a slide), in which he does give a nice balanced stop. However this isnt the case in a downward transition not requiring a solid stop, where he istead throws his head up and questions what exactly he needs to do. Again, should just come in time.

After more solidity in our transition work, I will incorporate the pole work again. I can work on it a bit still, but I think that transitoning through poles will be a great exercise. Im thinking of a few exercises in particular that I will incorporate including the "spiral"

Along with some of the more common "straight" patterns

which will work great for the transitioning aspect.

Milo will have a break today, and should get worked again on Friday. My mind keeps running with new ideas and training goals!

If you have time, check out this article on imporving Core Strength and Felxibility, more things Im trying to acheive with Milo.

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