Friday, August 13, 2010

.45 Single Action Revolvers

As Ive mentioned, I want to get more involved in Cowboy Mounted Shooting [Association] (CMSA). Im planning on really getting on the bandwagon next summer when our local events start back up. Which means practicing this winter, and even before that, gearing up.

A little histroy...
Of course you can read up all you want about the CMSA at their official website herebut heres a brief synopsis. CMS combines the thrills and precision of barrel racing while shooting two .45 single action revolvers at specific targets on different patterns. Basically, you get a specific pattern (from about 50 available) of balloons on cones and you weave through them all at the set pattern and shoot blanks at the balloons (at high speed of course - this is a timed event). At one point in the pattern, you must holster you first gun, and retrieve your second.

Might I add the single action aspect to the gun. Single action means you need to pull the hammer (or spur) back each time before you fire. So you can imagine, some good handwork is involved amungst all of the running, aiming, and holstering.

So Milo and I attended a CMSA clinic last summer, and Milo did very well with shooting off of his back. I am unable to attend this years clinic (held tomorrow) but am very excited about getting involved again at the soonest I can.

So, the goal is to get all my gear squared away in the coming months, and have the winter to practice before any competitions next summer. Ive already gotten my chink order squared away, and am waiting for a quote and specific information from the guy making them for me (same guy who made my custom Thunderbird Chaps). Now, Im looking into a larger purchase: the firearms.

The guns are .45 single action revolvers. Colts are a popular choice. Ruger I have heard is a big favorite right now, as they are the first to come out with a model designed specifically for CMS. Now, the search for the guns begins. And the saving up for the set starts...They average about a grand per gun. However, Im thinking I can find a decent starter set for about 300. That will most likely be the route I take.

So, updates to come as things are happening. Thought I would inform everyone though of the plans. :)


Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome! Have always wanted to try that someday.
(Did you get your pad yet?)


paint_horse_milo said...

Nope not yet, needa bout $50 more dollars saved up :) cant wait tho