Friday, June 4, 2010

Today a pleasure horse, tomorrow ...?

I cleaned pastures yesterday (including Milo's!) where Milo thought that tiping over the wheelbarrow was great fun, than decided I would just have a quick bareback ride. So I brushed him off quickly and grabbed by headstall.

I got on and he felt a little squirly at first, but I worked him over some poles lightly to get him to lift his back and hold himself a bit, and he calmed right down.

And I mean waaay down. I jogged him around a bit and really was just looking for him to keep his nose into the circle as I worked him in large(ish) circles. Milo suprised me by not only doing that, but collecting and thoroughly rounding himself in his front all the way to the rear. And we plodded along like this a bit so since Milo was working I figured I should too so I worked on a correct bareback eq. It was a lot of fun actually. And it was really cool to see how focused Milo was on his job. And he really acted and moved as a bonefide pleasure horse. Interesting...I suppose 24/7 turnout time is aiding in keeping him pretty level since he doesnt have a bunch of built up stall crazy energy now.

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