Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rides and muzzles

Its so funny how Milo knows the difference between rodeo/drill practices, and general riding.

For instance: last Sunday we had drill practice, with mostly lope throughs now that we only have three practices left until the rodeo. Its funny, at practices, Milo can ge heavy on the hands, throwing his head in the air, slow to respond on neck and leg aids, and flipping his nose away from the bit when asked to slow down. He just gets so excited. And than when we ride at home, he is perfectly listening, rounded, and content. Its not good. He knows at practices that I cant really make him do otherwise being one handed and holding onto a flag, and needing to keep/set pace with everone else. I cant just stop him and school him in the middle of a "run through". Its been a bit nerving.

But on a better note, Milo was a dream yesterday. Rode him on a loose rein, he felt great. Listened well, rounded, and worked. It was a fantastic ride.

Switching topics, as Ive mentioned Milo is on pasture now. Which is great. But in just the last few days, the grass has grown remarkably. Plus, he only eats his grain, ditches the hay, and goes back out to eat more grass. Im a bit concerned about Milo over grazing the delicious spring grass. So Im considering getting a grazing muzzle to put on before work, and take off after. Im looking at something like this:

It attaches to the halter, so no real worrries about him being able to get it off. What is your take on muzzles? Have you tried a certain type that works better than another?


An Image of Grace said...

Ah yes, the practice dilemma. When I was showing Grace, I knew that for the month of June my training was out the window. She always woke up at practice and was a totally different horse than the one I rode the rest of the week. July would be spend getting her back where she belonged. I heard that a local barrel trainer said that you won't see her using her barrel horses on a flag team. Interesting food for thought. There were many times that I wished I had a second horse to pull from for the rodeo, but then again, I would never wanted Grace to miss out on that experience.

paint_horse_milo said...

Ya I hear ya. Its so good for Milo and he LOVES it. And Im not expecting him to be a working/reining horse at the practice, but I would appreciate it if he still listened to my compands during practices! Ah well. Any thoughts on the muzzle?

rachel addison said...

I think the muzzle is a great option, BUT if you have a round pen , stall, or some where to put him while,3 days a week have him on pasture. Work him a little down on his grain intake , keep going for 4,5,6 and finally,7 days a week on grass , at his and your own pace.

paint_horse_milo said...

Good thoughts, but Milo is boarded on the pasture. So if he had any time out of the pasture it would only be for aobut an hour like how turnout time was before he went down to the pasture. His grain has been lowered and he is off beet pulp now.