Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Milo Has a Wonky Ear!

When I pulled into the driveway at Painted Valley Farms this afternoon and looked out into Milo's pasture, first thing I noticed was that the little bugger got his fly mask off (again!!).

As I got out of the truck and walked towards him, his ears (or I should say EAR) pricked forward. And one was left all wonkified (like the new word?) lopped to the side.

Oh Noes! Poor Milo.

Upon inspection I saw no swelling, felt no heat, but did see some dried goopy stuff that looked like it was formerly seeping from the lower part of his ear (right where it starts to go into the ear at the base). I cleaned it off (and out) with a small wet sponge and than poked my finger inside for some exploration (much to Milo's displeasure, but because he's a good boy he let Mom explore). Found no type of obstruction, cut, or anything inside.

Hmm. Called the vet for an opinion and (of course) left a message with reception with hopes of a reply. I dont feel that this requires veterinary care, I just wanted to get his opinion on how I may be able to better clean, explore, and generally make Milo more comfortable because he is obviously sore to it. 

Now the mystery is how did that happen? Champ has been back up in the barn for a few days so it couldnt have been a kick, bite or anything like that (not that there was swelling or heat). I remembered the missing flymask. Ah, maybe he rubbed it on something in attempts to get the mask off?

This may be the culprit:

And the evidence (this is not a photo of where the mask was laying, I just put it on a post for a better photo):

Hmm, but wasnt it is RIGHT ear that was wonky, not the left as the condition of the fly mask would show?

Thats my only lead. He must have done something whilst getting the mask off. I figured since I will most obviously be buying a new halter, I will order the muzzle than too. In the meantime, no mask for Milo (meaning a LOT of sunscreen for him - sorry Milo, shoulda thought about THAT when you ripped your mask off and tore it to shreds!) and attempts at cleaning his ear and making him comfortable. Update tomorrow on his condition than.

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