Thursday, May 6, 2010

X rays are in

So Dr Hills came out yesterday and took the needed xrays for Milo. Below are the three out of eight that show some signs of abnormality.

This first one is of is left hock, the red circle indicates the point in which spavin (arthritis) is beginning to show.

Second, is another view of the left hock, th red circle indicates where Developmental Orthopedic Disease (DOD) is beginning.
And symmetrically, DOD on the right hock.

Prognosis? The spavin is not an uncommon, arthritis begins to form at about age 6 which is what Milo is now. And Dr Hills only saw a slight beginning of it in the left hock. He said that that could be whats causing the short stepping.
DOD he said also isnt too uncommon. But that is whats most likely causing the fluid. You can see that it isnt in a position where there is a lot of constant flexion. He said if there was a best place for it, it would be where its located now. He doesnt see it as something that would hinder his athletic career.
Treatment? We are going to put him on Ortho-Chon II by Platinum Performance, and in the next 4 weeks see if he is improving. Whereas the fluid is concerned, the supplements may or may not make them go away. We just have to try. He also said to start bringing him back into work. So there is still a small ray of hope I can use him in the rodeo this year.
All in all, Im very pleased with the outcome. Its manageable but not threatening.


rachel addison said...

I am so glad for you ! Hope the supplements work btw, what supplements are you useing ? are you going to hit him with it or not ??

paint_horse_milo said...

AS mentioned, I will be using Ortho-Chon by platinum performance. It will be somethig he will most likely stay on the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

Glad this is something that you can take care of! I'll be praying he will improve in the next four weeks.