Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Great Strides CF Walkathon 2010

With Milo being at least capable of walk-riding, I was able to take him to the 2010 Cistic Fibrosis Walkathon this past Saturday. It was a five mile walk for a great cause, and a beautful day to top it off!
Some of us Cowgirls that came to the walk: Myself, Harmony, Lisa, Kristen, Stephene, Melissa, Lisa, former Cowgirl Michelle, and Jen.
In waiting for the walk to begin, Milo was loving on his new found girlfriend, Gracie, and chomping on her reins.

Milo and I, Melissa and Grace, and Kristen & Rylee Jo.
Milo being antsy and jigging in the beginning needed a repremand in which I backed him up. Unfortunetly, we were on the concrete and for some reason, his back end went down. He scraped the front of his hind left hoof but no other cuts were found. I was concerned about his hocks after the incident, but he hasnt shown any signs of anything from it.
On another note, I got Milo's Ortho-Chon II supplements today, so he will get his first dose tonight. Hopefully this will be the golden ticket for him.

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